Friday, July 04, 2008

Alfredo Hernandez's Drum Circle "Lesson" at Dupont Circle last Sunday

Though I was not at Dupont Circle for long this past Sunday while there I made a point to capture a variety of scenarios in connection my ongoing Sundays at Dupont Circle Project, including this photographer in action.

Though, over the past two years I sometimes have ventured to Malcolm X. Park at Meridian Hill for the Sunday afternoon Drum & Dance Circle my introduction to the Drum Circle scene in DC is rooted in Alfredo Hernandez's sessions and often lessons that he and others in his network have held on Sunday afternoon in Dupont Circle.

Which I have captured dating back to 1994. Perhaps, before!

Realizing now that the Dupont Circle sessions are sometimes lessions held by Alfredo Hernandez and others in his network ... my focus when capturing the Drum Circle in Dupont Cirlce this past Sunday was to depict Hernandez and others in the process of mentoring, instructing and teaching.

Click the above image to view my Drum Circle - Dupont Circle - 29 June 2008 photoset.

The videos are as follows:

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