Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bi-Partisan Tour Company 'Open-Air' Roadster: Either Side Can Ride!

Though I've never seen one until when departing from the National World War II Memorial on Friday evening, 23 May 2008, that a Bi-Partisan Tour open-air roadster would head north on 17th Street, when later the same evening that I happened upon the same Bi-Partisan Tour roadster on 19th Street at Dupont Circle South the driver, Bryan, would inform me that Bi-Partisan Tour Company, based at Union Station, has been in the nation's capital since April of 2007.

Here is a pdf of page 50 of the March / April 2007 issue of the Arrive Magazine which features a brief feature announcing Bi-Partisan Tour's arrival in DC.

Washington DC will come ALIVE when you cruise the landmarks and landscapes of the nation’s capital in an open-air electric roadster. Guided by a state-of-the-art GPS system, the unique narration reveals hidden history, drama, and excitement at every turn.

Bi-Partisan Tour Company truly giving a locals look into DC's past and present history and the figures involved by using audio-based GPS units installed in electric cars. For those that know the city or want to explore on their own, rentals of the classic roadster are also available.

Electric car rentals, from Bi-Partisan Tour Company, are the ultimate way to discover DC. There is no other tour in DC that offers so much freedom and flexibility in personalizing each guest’s tour.

In addition to electric car rentals, Bi-Partisan Tour Company, also offers mobile and walking tours. And here is driving and policies information. Make reservations here.

Located at Union Station, here is the pertinent contact info.

Click above image by Elvert Barnes to view Bi-Partisan Tour Company photoset.

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