Sunday, March 30, 2008

Graffiti Epidemic on 14th Street

Though graffiti has always been of interest to me as evidenced by my very first photography exhibition, "Graffiti, Propaganda & Other Writings on the Wall" at Cafe Luna on P Street in NW Washington DC from June through September 1994 ... it has been since June 2005 that in the process on my 14th Street and Logan Circle photo walks that I have taken particular note to document graffiti along 14th Street.

So when I heard news last week of the graffiti epidemic on 14th Street though, not surprised, I felt 'affirmed' in the fact that I had had the 'foresight' to document / record the 'epidemic' in the process of my walks.

While, in the past, I may not ventured north on 14th Street beyond Columbia Heights with my camera gear, my exploration of the corridor will eventually lead to the Maryland border just as my exlploration south has already taken me through Thomas Circle down to Ohio Drive at the Tidal Basin - East in SW and the 14th Street Bridge Complex.

Where when crossing the Potomac River by the WMATA Yellow Line I seldom miss an opportunity to 'capture' the traffic along the 14th Street Bridge. And the the graffiti on the CSX Transportation - Washington Railway and Virginia Railway tracks, as well.

Fortunately, for District residents and business owners along 14th Street Corridor, last September the DC Department of Public Works announced its Graffiti Removal Voucher Program for those whose property has been defaced by graffiti.

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Burnt Couch said...

I'll do what I can to take over where you left off on the Northern Maryland side of the world ;)