Friday, February 29, 2008

SPOTLIGHT ON DJ, Producer, Remixer Tom Colontonio

In the launching of his new VANDIT Digital label, one of the artists that Paul van Dyk features in the VANDIT Newsletter dated Friday, 29 February 2008 is DJ Tom Colontonio, aka DJ Tommy Boy.

"After releasing his first commercial productions only 3 short years ago, Tom has entered the elite group of producers being acknowledged by the most acclaimed DJ’s and labels in the world. Each new release has consistently found its way to the playlists and charts of the best of the best – the type of recognition that speaks to both the quality and significance of his work."

After listening to Colontonio's "Looking Glass", "Bridge the Gap" and "Inspiration" I know exactly why Armin Van Buuren proclaims Tom as "... the man of the moment." and why John O'Callaghan regards Tom as "... one of the leading new artists in trance."

And why Paul van Dyk and staff has selected Colontonio as one of the featured artists of VANDIT DIGITAL.

Tom's websites are at and

And here is his discography.

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