Sunday, February 03, 2008

Koreatown / Manhattan

When, last week, that I inquired of his delineation between Times Square and Midtown, saying that that he has always regarded them as one in the same, Richard suggested that Times Square / Midtown area began in proximity of Macys, around 34th Street, and ended at the beginning of Central Park.

Saying that while I understood that the two areas overlap and are very much inter-related from my days in NYC with Frank back in the 80's when we referred to the area between 31st and 34th Street as Herald Square ... Midtown, for me, may would be from 34th or 35th to 42nd. And 42nd to 59th would be Times Square.

Herald Square would be along the Sixth Avenue and Broadway corridors whereas, the 7th and 8th Avenue corridors, from 31st to 34th or 35th, may would be Madison Square Garden. While the same area along 9th Avenue up to 42nd Street may would be referred to as the Clinton area. Which is situated between Chelsea and Hells Kitchen along 8th and 9th Avenues.

Anyway ...

When posting the above never before seen March 2006 image and using the opportunity to learn more about Herald Square I learn that the corner of Sixth Avenue and 31st Street, as the beginning of Herald Square, is also the beginning of Koreatown / Manhattan.

Click the above imge to view my March 2006 NYC flickr photo set.

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