Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Crystal City BID Launches Crystal Flight with A Colorful Opening Party

On Jan. 29. Sponsors, artists, and other VIP guests attended the artful event receiving a sneak peek of the planes, before the artists inject their color and vibrant designs starting February 1. The artist will work through the winter in time for them landing on the streets in April.

Lowe Enterprises Real Estate Group generously provided the workshop space to store and decorate the planes, Miller and Long donated the concrete bases to have them installed on the streets, and JK Moving and Storage, Inc. provided the critical technical support for the handling of the planes and will put them on the streets in April. For a list of participating sponsors and artists click here.

50 planes, 50 artists, 50 sponsors - all symbolizing that Crystal City is truly taking off.

Crystal Flight – See the Planes, See the Progress – Online or Live! Keep up with the excitement around this project by visiting the Crystal Flight Blog, which will regularly capture the activity from the sponsors, artists and the community impact. You can also view the artists in action via a studio viewing area located at 2461 S. Clark Street.

Click image to view Crystal City BID's article in the February 2008 Spotlight Crystal E-Newsletter pertaining to Crystal City Flight.

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