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Fetish Photographer Adam Kozik Work Included in LA's Antebellum Gallery "S&M For Valentine Day" Group Exhibition

Though I first became acquainted with Adam Kozik when he contacted me on 13 December 2007 regarding my connection to Robert Mapplethorpe who his work is often compared to ... I wanted to make sure that my blog posting pertaining to Kozik's inclusion in LA's Antebellum Gallery "S&M For Valentine Day" Exhibition was in conjunction with the Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend.

Born in Chicago, in 1970, Adam Kozik's work is of thee classical tradition. After attending The American Academy of Art in Chicago, where he studied painting and drawing, Kozik moved to New York City in the 1990s where his interest in photography grew.

Kozik traveled to Europe in 2001, and lived in Paris for six months where he was introduced first hand to the style of classic mannerism, which continues to serve as a mainstay in his work today. In order to create his own images he turned to photography. Interested in portraiture, when returning to Chicago, he found an entirely new world for the photographer with gallery associations, commissions, and future artistic course.

Adam had his first shows in the spring of 2007 in Chicago, with two galleries showing his homoerotic works. Adam’s diverse works - S&M, floral images, still lifes, and commissioned portraits - are brought together by the photographer’s constant approach to clarity and honesty.

Here are some Press Reviews regarding his work.

Though he and his partner are in the process of relocating BACK to NYC from Chicago, in the midst of putting the final touches on the prints that will be included in the "S&M for Valentine Day" Group Exhibition at the Antebellum Gallery in LA Adam says "After exhibiting relatively small prints in the past year, this will be the first exhibit where all of the pictures are 13" x 19". I'm using a fiber based inkjet paper. The tones are real warm and rich - it's very nice paper, though quite expensive .... The result is the nearest that I have seen to produce similiar silver gelatin darkroom prints. Even though the process is entirely digital. The quality of the finished print is almost as important to me as taking the picture."

Owned and operated by Rick Castro, the Antebellum is a casual space for art and engaging conversation. Antebellum Gallery is intended as a hybrid of artistic, cultural, and political iconoclasm.

ANTEBELLUM GALLERY presents "S&M: an exhibition of sadomasochistic art" will feature the works of Mitchel Evans, Adam Kozik, Aj Epstein, Marsorama, Rick Castro, Tony Ward, Dillinger, Ashley, Buck Angel Elayne Angel, Dave Naz, Domasan, Edward Lucie-Smith, Fakir Musafar, Robert Maplethorpe, Herb Ritts, Steven Meisel, Joel-Peter Witkin, Pier Paolo Pasolini & More.

Opening on Valentine Day, 14 February 2008, with a 6 - 9 pm reception ($5 admission) the exhibit will be on display until 15 March 2008.

Rick Castro's Antebellum Gallery is located at 1643 N Las Palmas Avenue in Hollywood, CA. Telephone at 323.856.0667. Email at

A contributing artist to the Tom of Finland Foundation (Los Angeles) and Leather Archives & Museum (Chicago) Adam Kozik can be reached by email via his contact page.

Or, if you are 18 years of age or older, and are interested in being photographed by Adam Kozik, please submit inquiry (with JPG image) and brief self-bio by email at

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