Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pigeon Control: NYC's Netting vs Hollywood's Birth Control

When capturing a man feeding pigeons in Dupont Circle on Sunday afternoon, 05 August 2007, I was reminded of a news story that I had heard on TV just a few days before pertaining to pigeon birth control in Hollywood.

New York City, however, is taking a much more agressive tactic with pigeon nettings. Reportedly, the illegal netters lure famished pigeons with food and they are then netted and purportedly sold out of state to restaurants and to pigeon shooting galleries.

For 10 years, Deterapigeon has been a leader in safe pigeon spike solutions in the UK. In 1995, David Jones, Director of Deterapigeon invented and patented the Defender 4 pigeon spikes which safely deter pigeons without harming them. This still remains the only pest control product recommended by the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PiCAS).

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