Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Native American Flute

In the process of my photography not only do I strive to learn more about my surroundings and, of course, the history of the world but, as evidenced in the many webpages that I have created, over the years, and several years of reporting for progressive and independent media outlets and my more recent blogging a driving force behind my body of woirk is to inform and educate others as well.

So, though I have photographed what I sometimes referred to as Native American or Latino Musicians since the early 90's with includes the group known as "500 Years After" it was not until last night when in the process of posting images of a street musician that I captured on Constitution Avenue and 15th Street during Washington DC's 04 July 2007 Celebration and searching the internet for Native Spirit - Native American Musicians that I learned the instrument that many of the Native American musicians play is known as the Native American Flute.

While 500 Years After and many other such street performers sell cds of music that they themselves produced in the case of the Native American Flutist that I captured on 4 July 2007 the cds that were being sold were not his work. Which I do not have a problem with, as long as I am not misled to believe otherwise.

One of the cds that was being sold was Native Spirit - A Gift of the Mother Earth which I was misled to believe was the work of the street musician that was performing. The CD is actually the work of Carlos Munhoz.

Here is an interesting article, "I Was Fooled, Were You?" that may shed light on how I felt last night when I realized the deception. Or, perhaps, my misconception.

Regardless, in the process of this project I also found the International Native American Flute Association (INAFA) and as a result, have now launched an ongoing "Native American Flute" project.

Here is a video that I shot of Native Spirit / WDC / 04 July 2007.

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