Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hand Painted Bird Whistles and Hand Carved Balsa Sculptures IMPORTS from Street Vendor (Mark) at Dupont Cirlce South

Though I officially launched my ongoing Street Vendor Documentary Project with several summer 2005 photo-interviews of Frank Lloyd of Frank's Place which sheds light on the personal stories of street vendors this expose on Mark, Street Vendor at Dupont Circle South represents the first installment of my now ongoing STREET VENDORS (FOCUS) SERIES which brings attention to the items and merchandise for sale.

Hand made in Ecuador, these bird whistles are finely crafted and hand painted by the Quechua Indians. A highly desirable tool for bird lovers as well as fun for people of all ages. First fill with water, then tilt to about a 45 degree angle to let some water run out, which will adjust the amount of water needed. Blow steadily into the mouth piece to hear a bird whistle.

Mark, the street vendor at the intersection of 19th Street, NW, and Dupont Circle South, sells imports from Ecuador. He can be found most days of the week with the exception of Sundays.

Mark says that a favorite merchandise that he has had a problem selling, over the years, has been his collection of hand carved Balsa Sculptures. Here is a site that provides information about Ecuador Art including Balsa Sculpture.

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