Saturday, March 17, 2007

Something New

When I first heard of 'Something New' which was when it first came out I did not think that I would enjoy the movie. However, after watching it last Sunday on TV, for the first time, I found it an enjoyable film. And, as a result, would decide that during the spring 2007 season, at least, once a week I would try 'something new'.

So, when shopping, at Safeway on Tuesday evening I purchased an avocado, a tomato, and a package of jalapeno sandwich wraps. Though I've delt with avocado as well as wraps in association with catering I had never purchased either for home use.

Not all that fond of avocado but, in the spirit of 'something new', I returned home and made an avocado with tomato dip. Quickly, sauteed some chicken strips while microwaving two jalapeno wraps and within minutes was sitting at my dining room table trying my first 'something new'.

Which was two jalapeno wraps filled with chicken strips, fresh herb greens and an avocado tomato dip. With mashed potatoes on the side.

Able to eat only one I saved the second until the night day. Which I ate for lunch.

My second major attempt of a sandwich wrap would be on Friday evening when I fixed myself a jalapeno sandwich wrap filled with fresh herb greens, fresh shrimp sauteeed in butter, and a mango, tomato, clantro salsa. Red beans with green and red bell peppers. And adente asparagus drizzled with butter.

Had I gone out last night in connection with my Friday Nights in Washington DC series, perhaps, I would have found not only 'something new'. ut, also, something hot!

The above photo is part of my ongoing Me, Myself & I photoset.

Ya know what I'm saying ...?

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