Saturday, March 17, 2007

Let It Flow!

Spring, particularly, in Washington DC ... is my favorite time of year. The photo to the left of Steve Lee and a friend was taken during the 2007 Winter Party at The Beach Party in South Beach Miami.

When capturing folks 'dancing and celebrating life' as was the case at The Beach Party, it is my practice to engage in what I refer to as MOVEMENT-CHOREOPHOGRAPHY. More examples may be found at 2006 Smithsonian Folklife Festival or Planet Arlington - World Music Festival or 16th Annual Jazz Festival 0r 2006 Adams Morgan Day Festival.

So, in the process of moving about and dancing with, yet, photographing the crowd, at the Beach Party, I would say "Please ... 'no posing'. Just, let it flow ...!".

Representing the end of the Winter 2007 season I snapped my final photos Winter Party 2007 Project on the platform of the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport WMATA Station when returning home from Florida to WDC on Thursday night.

Three days later, I launched my Spring 2007 in WDC Project with the Washington DC St. Paddy's Day Parade. And each day since then, from Monday through Thursday, I took the streets, capturing what I referred to as the March 2007 Spring Fling.

When finalizing my Winter Party 2007 Collection, yesterday, for donation to Stonewall Library & Archives and reflecting on the absolute joy that I had photographing the Beach Party I decided that "... let it flow ...!" would be my Spring 2007 motto in a similar way as my end of year and new year themes were Deliver Me and Progression, respectly.

Let it flow is a, yet, another example of my positive energy and proactive measures in moving forward. And, the one thing, that keeps holding me back is that god damn ... racism that I experience ... as a black male!

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