Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine Day 2007 Snow Blizzard - Deju Vu, all over again!

This all started yesterday morning when a WTTG-Fox News reporter asked that folks send in /upload their Valentine Day weather photos. Within seconds I was at my bedroom window photographing snow covered vehicles in River Park Apartment's parking lot and the Near Southeast DC cityscape. Which includes a panaromic view of the US Capitol Building and SW Freeway to my left, the Washington Navy Yard/Southeast Federal Center Complex and the newly constructed but yet to be completed Washington Nationals Stadium and Ballpark directly in front of me and Buzzard Point to my right.

All in all - I'd visit the window three different times throughout the day. In the morning, at noon and in the evening. Where I captured pedestrian and vehicular traffic along Delaware Avenue between M and N Streets, SW. As well as the going-ons in the parking lots of the properties in the immediate area which included two people cleaning the snow and ice off their cars and workers plowing the lots of Carrollsburg Condos and St. James Mutal Homes. And a man who after parking his car on Delaware Avenue, walked through the parking lot to River Park Complex.

Working on various photo projects throughout the day including last Sunday at the newly renovated Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture I'd reflect on past Valentine holidays, over the years.

Deju Vu, all over again!

Most which since 1992 I remember as having also been associated with a major snow storm. If not on Valentine's Day the day or so after which leads in President Day Weekend. I say since 1992 because it was in January of 1992 that I began photographing the way that I do. And when ever I revisit images that I've taken in the past I can recall exactly what I was going through at the time. Providing an important documentation not only of the times but also of my personal story.

As I now recall that what I am going through on Valentine Day 2007 leading into President's Day weekend is exactly what I have experienced since 1992. Which, is in sharp contrast to the experiences and freedoms of my white counter part.

Valeintine Day does not mean to me - a black man - what it means to my white counter part. President's Day does not mean to me - a black man who practiced integration - what it means to my white friends.

Deju Vu, all over again!

After posting several Happy Valentine and Anti-Valentine postings I celebrated Valentine Day 2007 with a bowl of my favorite ice cream garnished with strawberries, blueberries and honey.

I spent the rest of the night and much of this morning completing my Valentine Day 2007 Snow Blizzard project. And scanning images from my 10 February 1997 Brian Gibson Funeral and 21 February 1998 Don't Bomb Iraq Protest.

Deju Vu, all over again!

Earlier today I remembered that my best recollections of Valentine Day are all associated with my relationship with Frank Gramarossa. Including our first Valentine Party at Studio 54 in 1981 when hershey chocolate kisses were dropped from the ceiling onto the dance floor. And, if my memories serves me correctly, Grace Jones performed.

This started yesterday morning when a WTTG Fox News reporter asked that folks upload their Valentine Day Weather photos. And has led to the creation of a blog at WTTG -Fox News.

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