Thursday, February 01, 2007

Racial profiling? Not just in Georgetown!

We began Black History Month 2007 with an article in the Washington Post by Staff Writer Allison Klein entitled Police Profiling Found in Georgetown, Adams Morgan.

Which is something that I am very familiar with and have often discussed in my writings. Particularly, as a black male and freelance photographer. As was the case when visiting Georgetown on Labor Day Monday, 4 September 2006 that my taking pictures of window displays along M Street aroused far too much attention.

However, for me, a black male ... racial profiling is not just in Georgetown or Adams Morgan. It is everywhere that I go. Racial profiling occurs when I walk into gay bars and white men ask me for drugs. Racial profiling occurs when photographing in Dupont Circle that white men not only ask me for drugs but will allege that I am drug addict. Or on drugs. Others will insist that I smoke crack with them.

Racial profiling occurs when I travel by plane to Fort Lauderdale FL to visit with my white partner who, in every respect, is treated differently than me. Like night and day. Or white and black. Racial profiling occurs on amtrak when traveling to New York City and once there when I engage in street photography. Or visit bars.

Racial profiling occurs in catering when working in the homes of some of the most influential people in the world that they spend their entire time watching my every move. Racial profiling occurs when white colleagues not only have approacjhed me about drugs but that fact they have been paid to associate with me..

Racial profiling is not just indigenous to the police or law enforcement community. It is endemic to our society. And something that most people practice ... whenever they see black men!

Racial profiling is not just in Georgetown and Adams Morgan. Is everywhere that I go.

Racial profiling is like night and day. Or white vs black!

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