Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rosie attends dedication ceremony for The Center for the Intrepid

A few weeks ago, when Rosie O’Donnell and Joy Bahar , from The View, asked rhetorically why the people were not protesting in the streets, against the war, the way they had back in 60's against the Vietnam War ... I would send an email to the women of The View which said something to the effect that I did not know what rock they had been under but since the day after the 11 September 2001 attack .... I, as a protest photographer, had witnessed, observed and on many occasions participated in many a protest ... along with millions of people throughout the global community at what was often referred to as global days of protest.

I mentioned that Rosie, specifically, may would be interested in knowing that after travelling to NYC, from WDC, for the F15-03 and M20-04 during which time I also attended the Saint's 2003 White Party and 2004 Black Party, respectively, I had authored some powerful photoessays regarding my experiences, as an openly gay black man, who practiced integration.

I said further that one of my best collections of protest photography are images that I took five years before the Iraq war of the 21 February 1998 Don't Bomb Iraq Demonstration in WDC.

Providing them a link to my J18-03-WDC Never Before Seen photographic collection I then suggested that Rosie and Joy may would be interested in contacting the folks at United for Peace and Justice pertaining to their participation in the upcoming J27-07-WDC.

I did, indeed, photograph the J27-07-WDC. See J27-CodePink-Women-Navy, J27-UFPJ-Rally, and J27-UFPJ-March. And while I did not expect to see Rosie I wondered if she had read my email which I sent to Joy since Rosie does not have an email posted to The View site.

I was pleased to learn when watching The View earlier today that Rosie had attended the dedication ceremony for The Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio, TX..

Having signed on as a member to Rosie's blog, moments ago I'd receive an email from her blog list with the subject "Speak Up!" that reads:

Dear Elvert,

there's a lot going on in r country
and the world right now
we can all do something

speak up
and give r view

some of us marched in washington
united for peace

i went to san antonio
where i met the brave men and women
who have lost limbs in this war
honoring them
face to face:

talk to your representatives
unite for peace and justice:

we can make change



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