Saturday, December 09, 2006

DCFD - Engine 16, Tower Ladder 3 (Midnight Express)

When posting pictures earlier today that I took on 2 November of DCFD Engine 16 I'd learn that the firehouse and quarters located just north of Franklin Square at 1018 13th Street in NW has its own website, Midnight Express.

When ever I have walked pass this particular firehouse as well as a few others I've always wanted to introduce myself to the staff and inquire if I may include them and the firehouse in an ongoing documentary project. After visiting Midnight Express which brings attention to Baltimore-based artist Robert McClintock who has released several works of art featuring D.C.F.D. Engine Company 16 and Tower Ladder 3, I feel very confident in approaching them.

And as a result, I have created the DCFD Engine 16, Tower Ladder 3 photoset.

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