Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Vulgar Bulgars, a Klezmer band @ Dupont Circle North

Since 1992 which is when I would take up photography and in the course of what I refer to as street photography Street Musicians have been an important element of my body of work. In recent months, as a former caterer, sometimes event coordinator and always promoter of the arts when I have come across groups such as Vulgar Bulgars, as was the case on Saturday afternoon at Dupont Circle North my intent is to refer them to caterers, event coordinators and venues that may be interested in booking them for events.

Since my visit to South Boston Virginia in June for the 2006 Juneteenth Celebration at Berryhill Plantation I've made it a point to keep my eyes and ears open for talent that may fit into the scheme of things at The Prizery. There is no doubt in my mind that the Vulgar Bulgars, from central Virginia, would fit quite well into the scheme of the Chastain Theater at the Prizery.

And caterers including Susan Gage, Occasions and Design Cuisine may would find them of interest as well.

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