Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Storehouse Goes Out of Business

In the process of my 14th Street Windows Project on Columbus Day Monday, 9 October I'd observe that the Storehouse located at 1526 14th Street, NW, in the Logan Circle area of Washington DC is holding a going of business sale. After taking a few exterior shots I'd walk inside and inquire of the manager if I may take a few interior shots. Having introduced myself a few weeks before as a documentary photographer whose interest is to record the history of 14th Street which includes furnisher stores the staff remembered me and, therefore, were very cooperative.

While, for many years, I have photographed and recorded the exterior of stores in Washington DC and New York City this was the first time that I had approached a store manager inquring if I may engage in architectural interior photography. Which is a focus that I spoke recently of adding to my collection of ongoing themes. My first 14th Street Storehouse window images were taken on 4 January 2006 which according to an August 2004 Washington Post article was scheduled to have opened in the fall of 2004 but if my memory serves me correctly may have opened one year later, in the fall of 2005.

Storehouse Inc. began selling off $60 million worth of inventory Friday after attempts to sell the company or obtain new equity proved fruitless. The court-ordered bankruptcy liquidation was announced by Newton, Mass.-based Hudson Capital Partners LLC, a firm specializing in retail dispositions and asset recovery. Following the sale, which is expected to take several weeks, all of the Storehouse retail locations will be closed.

When taking this series of images I'd reflect on my 1 September 1995 Woodies Closing Sale photographs. As well as my Labor Day 2006 WDC Hechts and March 2005 Miami Burdine window display images which was on the eve of when each of these stores would transform into Macy's.

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