Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Launched on 4 July 2006, FREEDOM represents an aspect of my photojournalism that has always been the root of my work. This blog will attempt to capture, document and record the the travels, day drips and weekend excursions that I may take and report and/or comment the venues, exhibitions and shows that I may visit. The intent is to bring attention to businesses, institutions, progressive entrepeneurs, artists, the arts and other cultural matters that are of interest to me. Or that others bring to my attention. This particularly posting represents my first entry at this blog site and will familiarize me with the layout, etc. Freedom! The above photo was taken in WDC during the 2006 Independence Day Marijuana Legalization Smoke-In Rally and March. Though I do not smoke weed, the 4 july Smoke-In is amongst the many recurring events that I have documented, over the years. The event and, in particular, the photo are indicative of the kind of freedom that I am speaking of. Freedom!

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