Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Archie Edwards' Blues Heritage Foundation

Some Saturday's ago, on 10 June 2006, I had hoped to trek out to Bunker Hill Road in NE WDC for the expressed purpose of visiting and capturing blues musicians performing at the Archie Edwards' Barbershop.

I'd take the red line out to Brookland Station and when I'd inquire of the station attendent where was the best place to get a taxi he said that if one did not in the parking and bus lot than I should walk up to the main drag. After more than a few minutes of waitring in the bus parkiing lot, I walked to the main drag at Monroe Street. Several cabs would pass me by so I asked several passersby where was the best place to fetch a cab. They each advised me to walk up to Michigan Avenue. With two cameras hanging from my body, I was surpsied that the few taxis that passed (each that was empty) did not stop. Finally, one did stop, and when I said that I needed to go to 2700 Bunker Hill Road he said that it was too far for him to drive.

At that point I decided to head back downtown to capture the 2006 Capital Pride Parade. But, before heading back into town I stopped in at the 2006 Dance Africa DC event at Dance Place.

I would first become aware of members of the Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation during the 2000 Smithsonian Folklife Festival when I'd capture the DC Blues Society. And since then I have always wanted to capture, document and record the various members of the group. On 10 June I would join their emal alert list.

On this Saturday, 9 July 2006, Phil Wiggins will continue his monthly harmonica workshops at the Archie Edwards’ Barbershop from 11am to 2pm. Cost is $20. Phil will cover basic and advanced material. The barbershop is located at 2007 Bunkerhill Rd NE, Washington, DC. For more information visit the webiste or telephone 202-526-7539.

The above photo of of harmonica player Steve Levine whom I hope to add many more photos of to my collection was taken during the 2000 Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

On the morning of the 10 june when I telephoned Archie Edwards Barbershop inquiring if I may come out and take pictures, not only was I welcomed to come, but I was told that if I needed a ride from the Brookland Station that someone from the barbershop would be glad to pick me up at a prearranged time.

Now that I know that the location is not as close to the Brookland Station as I thought, one of these Saturdays, not too far in the future, I will take a day trip out the Archie Edwards Barbershop and spend more than a few hours, capturing, documenting the Bunker Hill Road, NE, WDC neighborhood. And, if the mood strikes me, I may even stay over night ...


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