Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last Weekend's 7th Annual H Street Festival 2011

First organized after the riots of 1968 last Saturday was my first visit to the H Street Festival in NE Washington DC.

My memories of the H Street, NE, Corridor date back to the fall of 1978 which was when I joined forces with a real estate developer who for many years was involved with the redevelopment of what is now known as Barracks Row along the 8th Street strip in SE Washington DC.

As major throughfares for the WMATA Metro bus system the two routes for many years exhibited haunting similaries which until a few years ago included a Murry's Steak. While the one at 419 8th Street, SE, is no longer on Barracks Row the Murry's at 610 H Street, NE, still remains as do the many businesses that sell wigs, discounted clothing and electronics.

When capturing street festivals I like to not only explore the changes but reflect on and learn of the neighborhood as well. Which may shed light on why I took pictures of the windows and signs along H Street during my 7th Annual H Street Festival documentation.

From which my favorite memories include the folk art and art cars exhibitors and the performance by BoomBox.

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