Friday, December 31, 2010

Still Shining After All This Time / New Year 2011

"Still Shining After All This Time (Polar)" from the NASA Image Collection and taken by the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit captures a panoramic view of the "Husband Hill" summit inside Mars' Gusev Crater during the period of 24 thru 27 August 2005.

Click the above flyer to view larger versions of my "All This Time / 2011" New Year greeting card.

In celebration of the New Years 2011 Weekend and as a special tribute to a dear friend who passed in the spring of 1989 here is my "All This Time" house mix which you may wish to download for your New Year 2011 Weekend celebration.

Here is my complete 2010 Into 2011 music mix collection which includes several New Age Music compilations. You may also enjoy "No Regrets" and "You Raise Me Up" from my Mixology archives.

My preferences lend toward uplifting trance.

Rather than New Year resolutions, in recent years, I've preferred New Year mantras, In reflecting on the past but with hopes of moving forward, my 2011 mantras are "All This Time" and "Into The Light".

Happy 2011.

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