Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Awakening: An Uplifting / Hard Trance Mix

Though I probably willl release, at least, one more trance mix as part of my Summer 2009 series ... if all goes as planned ... my autumn 2009 music series will re-examine my interest in new age music.

Click the cd cover to listen to/download my 9 July 2009 THE AWAKENING: Uplifting Trance podcast which, also, features hard trance tracks.

With a bpm in the 140 to 160 range, hard trance is a style that I will explore more later. Uplifting trance is more in the 130 range.

Opening with Tears (CrossRyders Remix) by Thomas Coastline & CrossRyders and ending with Don't Look Back (Original Mix) by John 'Callaghan, ...THE AWAKENING: Uplifting Trance Mix starts at 132 and ends at 140 bpm.

You can tell a lot about a man through the music that he listens or dances to.

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