Thursday, March 26, 2009

The State of Black America 2009

When over the holiday season that I attempted to have an honest discussion with a brother and other family members regarding the impact that institutionalized racism has on my life as a black male who, over the years practiced integration, it bothered me that they, again, brushed off my concerns by trying to convince me that I should look on the bright side and rejoice in the fact that Obama's win signaled change. And HOPE!

I turned to my brother and asked "What kind of n----- do you think I am?".

Explaining further, I spoke of the fact that for more 30 years the US Government had targeted me, and other black men. And, that each individual along the way who got close to me (of any and all colors and ethnicities), as well as each employer that I worked for, and business entity that I associated with ... engaged in institutiionalized racism against me so much so that 30 years later, no amount of hope nor action on my part will ever regain what had been taken away from me.

I said, "Man, these were people that I not only worked and socialized with but also slept and shared homes with. And, many cases, shared body fluids with!".

I looked my brother, dead in the eye, and said, as a member of the law enforcement community, your experiences, apparently, have been different than mine. And while I can respect you and your experience, you do not now nor have ever respected mine.

I have always been one to look forward and be hopeful but with each step along the way, there were Government agents, maligning themselves with me, secretly negating me. And my every move!

While I am very supportive and hopeful of Obama and believe that he is the right man for the times, as a 55 year old black man, of Native American descent, I must be very careful about FALSE HOPE!

If after more than 30 years ... the disparities that now exist between my white counter part and I have any connection to the relationships that were maligned with ... there is no wondering why the social and economic gaps between whites and blacks still persist in the America in 2009.

In my case, it has been staged, orchestrated and choreographed by the US Government!

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