Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who You Gonna Call ... For TV Repair?

When more than a year ago that the cable connector in the back of my RCA TV broke off ... and in sharp contrast to many years ago ... I was able to find only a few tv repair shops in the yellow pages.

After speaking with one particular shop in NE WDC who said that on such a minor job that they do not not like to do home service since the job may be more involved than what first was expected but if I were to bring it in that they could have it repaired within a day or two for about $75, since I do not have a car, I decided to purchase a new one instead.

I took the subway out to Best Buy at Pentagon City and returned with a Toshiba for a little more than $250. And since then the RCA has been sitting on top of the dresser drawer in my bedroom. And while I could and have used the DVD / CD player the TV, itset, was not much of an issue since I never sleep in the bedroom.

Until recently ... when guests stayed at my apartment for the funeral of one of their family members.

When searching the yellow pages last Saturday for TV repair services in the WDC area I found even less options than I had a year or so ago. After calling the three or four listings, the first who returned my call was William Davis of Davis Electrics.

When I inquired if I could bring the TV to his shop on Saturday, Sunday or Monday he said that it may would be best if he made a home visit. Which, quite frankly, was fine with me. The cost, for home service would be $112.36.

We made telephone arrangements for a Tuesday morning visit, sometime between 9 am and 12 noon. His voice and mannerism was such that when I received a return call from one other TV repair service company that I found in the Yellow Pages ... thanking him for having returned my call I told him that I had already made arrangements with another company.

When Mr. Davis telephoned me shortly after 11 am on Tuesday, 14 October to inform me that he was on his way to my apartment ... mentioning that I was between Waterfront Mall and Fort McNair I gave him instructions of what he needed to do to enter excess through the complex's gate.

Arriving shortly before noon, Mr. Davis conducted his business in a most professional and friendly manner. Within the hour, he had restalled the cable connector and made sure, before leaving, that it was in proper working order by first testing it out on the cable box in the living room.

Though his fee was $112.36, and handed him $120.

So, if you were to ask me who would I call if I were in need of a TV repair service my resounding answer would be WILLIAM DAVIS of DAVIS ELECTRICS at 202-332-2555.

His shop is located at 1522 U Street, NW, WDC.

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