Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Documentation of the 33rd Annual Marine Corps Marathon

While my first and second documentations of the Marine Corps Marathon took place in Georgetown in 1995 and 1999, respectively, many of my 2000 images shot on 35 mm film, in the vacinity of the US Capitol, have never before been seen since the negatives have not yet been processed.

Since in the past two years Crystal City has been one of my ongoing urban projects I made a point this year to begin my documentation of the 2008 Marine Corps Marathon at the intersection of 18th Street and Crystal Drive in Crystal City. Perhaps, at the 22 1/2 mile location.

Following the race course with the runners to the finish line I then beared left onto 12th Street South in the Crystal City vacinity before turning right onto Army Navy Drive.

Turned right onto South Fern Street in the direction of the Pentagon and left onto South Rotary Road along the Pentagon South Parking lot perimeter.

Turned left onto Columbia Pike (Highway 244) just before making an immediate right onto the Route 27 (Washington Boulevard) ramp.

Followed Washington Boulevard to the Route 110 off ramp and turned right onto the Route 110 access road in the direction of the Pentagon North Parking Lot.

Continued right following the Route 110 access road under the Washington Boulevard overpass, beared right onto Route 110.

Continued on Route 110 in the northbound lanes, turned left onto Marshall Drive, turned right onto the Marine Corps War Memorial access road and proceeded along the access road to the FINISH LINE.

As I walked in the direction of Rosslyn and then across Key Bridge to Georgetown, After The Race would bring my 2008 Marine Corps Marathon documentation to a close.

Which includes photography and video footage.

Click the above image to view my 33rd Annual Marine Corps Marathon photo collection at Flickr. Which, since I took many photos and video clips may not be completed until the 2009 event.

Perhaps, in celebration of the 2009 event I may will release a photo / video montage reflecting on the 2008 event similar to my In Search of the Sun - NYC - 31 August - 10 September 2007 project.

Visit my 2008 Marine Corps Marathon web page to keep informed of updates to the project.

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