Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rosen's Prestige Automotive's Hydrogen Conversion Kit featured on Fort Lauderdale's Local 10 News

When on Monday afternoon that we stopped in at Rosen's Prestige Automotive to have the car checked underneath to make sure that there were no damages after an almost acccident at the airport on Friday afternoon, after a friendly greeting by owner Robert Rosen he would inquire if we had seen them on TV.

When we replied that we had not he directed us to a computer screen situated at the receptionist counter and showed us a video feature that recently aired on South Florida's Local 10 News regarding Rosen's Prestige Automotive's Hydrogen Converstion Kit.

While hydrogen conversion kits are readily available online it is my suggestion that unless you are an automobile mechanic that you seek the services of a reputable automotive company such as Rosen's Prestige which is considered as one of the best automotive repair businesses in the Fort Lauderdale FL area.

Regardless, you may wish to read Are Hydrogen Conversion Kits a Scam? by Michael Cooper to gain a better understanding of what hydrogen conversion kits are.

Click the above image to view my Rosen's Prestige Automotive album which also includes a few images of their classic cars collection. See also Rosen's Prestige Automotive at Yelp.

Visit Rosen's Prestige Automotive at their website or at 600 West Broward Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale FL. Telephone 954-467-2234. Email at

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