Saturday, June 14, 2008

Martin Brandt explores male bonding, bi-sexuality and 'rising from the dead'!

In celebration of GLBT Pride 2008 celebration I'd like to bring your attention to a most unique author by the name of Martin Brandt whose website I'd come across last week.

Born on the banks of the Amazon River and raised by a Kaiapo wet-nurse while his mother conducted medical research and taught the Kaiapo children how to play the violin, Brandt studied rocket science at the University of Uganda before making his home in America.

Married to a tall blonde woman who he considers as his soul mate, Brandt's 'fictional' writings while reflecting on such taboo subject matters as 'male bonding and male sexuality' also, powerly, explores the issue of bi-sexuality.

Published in June 2006, 'FIVE MARRIED MEN', a tale for anyone intrigued by the intensity and emotions of male sexuality, explores what may cause some men to risk their career and a marriage for the magic of an intimate bond with another man. Read Chapter One and Two. Here are some reviews.

Published one year later in June 2007, THE PARTISANS takes place in France during World War II and in this time of fear and oppression, and the Holocaust, the story follows a few weeks of the lives of black American Ethan Jones and French Adrienne Follett, members of the French resistance, and German defector Jhan. Read Chapter One and Two.

First published in 2005, the revised edition of A SONG IN THE PARK scheduled for an August 2008 release, is the fictional story of renowned San Diego surgeon Michael Anderson who after losing a little girl on the operating table would cross paths with Justin Brooks, a Park Ranger at Big Bend Park, who had left his bride-to-be standing at the altar. It is a celebration of human diversity and a discovery that it is the simple things in life that matter the most.

Available in December 2008, THE STRANGE HAUTNING OF JOHNNY FEELWATER is a haunting story of a man named Johnny Feelwater who having inherited an old house on Confederate Square in historic Savannah, realized, once he stepped through the door, that his life would never be same ... when Cassandra Mott, the old DEAD lady who had left him the house ... returned FROM THE DEAD as a beautiful young seductress, to begin life again at age twenty-six. Read Chapter One and Two.

Here are some of the IMAGES and ART in Martin Brandt's collection. To learn more about Martin Brandt read his biography and this recent interview.

Click the above image to view his website and contact form.

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