Sunday, June 01, 2008

DC Residents No Longer Have To Register Bicycles With City

When I captured this bicyclist at Thomas Circle this evening I was not aware that effective TODAY, 1 June 2008, DC residents will no longer be required to register their bicycles with the city. Nor did I know that DC residents were required to register their bikes.

Transportation officials and police instead are encouraging residents to register their bikes by serial number with the National Bicycle Registry.

The national database is accessible by police anywhere in the United States.

To register with NBR, bike owners can purchase a kit for $10 at local bike shops or go online. Or call 800-848-BIKE.

It was when I was uploading this bicyclists photos that I heard the news on Fox 10 News. But since I could not locate the link from, for the purpose of this posting, I'm referencing the news item from WRC 4 NBC News. Which I located when searching the internet.

Click image to view my ongoing Thomas Circle and Bicyclists 2008 photo sets.

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