Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In celebration of Earth Day 2008

Having happened upon the set-up on Saturday afternoon, it was my intention to visit the 2008 Earth Day on the National Mall the followjng day. But, since it rained all day I did not make it.

Since signing onto Google early this morning and observing its Earth Day 2008 logo and campaign I've contemplated ways by which that I not not only celebrate Earth Day 2008 but, also institute ongoing projects and/or practices that will be eco-conscience.

Two former ideas, immediately, came to mind.

The first has to do with the many brown paper bags that, over the years, I have collected from Safeway that are neatly stored in the cabinet over the refigerator. Though, I have contemplated this idea before, effective today, when planing a visit to Safeway I will make extra efforts to carry my brown paper bags.

The second idea which since its January 2008 launch I have not worked too much on nor promoted is my series of Musicians Hands 100% cotton tote bags at Cafepress. So, in celebration of Earth Day 2008 here is my second Musicians Hands 100% cotton tote bag at Cafepress.

My current Cafepress accounts are Cafepress.com/ElvertBarnes and Cafepress/Washingtoniana.

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