Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My 2nd National Marathon photo montage just in time for the 3rd National Marathon!

In celebration of next weekend's 3rd Annual National Marathon, it had been my intention to create a never before seen photo montage / video of last year's 2nd National Marathon featuring DJ Bryan Hughes "In Search of the Sun (Snowboarders Mix)" as background music but, when a few weeks ago that my Simple Tech external hard drive 'corrupted' all the data includig a photography archive from, at least, October 2005 through June 2006 and correspondence and wrtings dating back 2004 or 2003 ... that plan, along with many others, when out the window. Or down the drain!

Thanks to my 2nd National Marathon collection I was able to create this 2nd Annual National Marathon / WDC - 24 March 2007 photo montage from images that I had already uploaded to my flickr account. Unfortunately, the remaining 500 or images that were 'corrupted' will not now ever be seen!

Too bad, because they were some great images shot in SW DC along 7th Street, Maine Avenue and M Street. And put to Bryan Hughes uplifting 'In Search of the Sun (September 2007) mix would've resulted in a empowering reflection of last year's National Marathon!

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