Friday, February 22, 2008

My Election 2000 protest image featured on political book cover

It was in the spring or early summer of 2001 that I received an email from Ronald Hayduck requesting permission to use my December 2000 All We Are Saying Election 2000 Disenfranchised Protest photo as one of the images for the cover of an upcoming book that focused on the issues of the 2000 election.

Though I have sometimes wondered if I'd ever come across the result, when googling for Elvert Barnes, tonight, I came across a link to Democracy's Moment: Reforming the American Political System for the 21st Century By Ronald Hayduck, Kevin Mattson.

And, viola, there was my image featured amongst others on the front cover.

Thanks Ronald Hayduck and Kevin Mattson.

See the image, also, on my November 2004 Election webpage "Is History Repeatin' Itself?".

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