Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Photographer Gerald Mocarsky's "Men Who Dance With Men" featured in January 2008 IN THE LIFE "Wide Stance" Episode

In the "IN THE LIFE" January Program Alert I learn of photographer Gerald Mocarsky whose "Men Who Dance With Men" historiographic project captures provocative images of men dancing together. From socials for senior citizens to ballet and hip-hop dancing, he uses his art to celebrate the honesty and beauty of coming to terms with oneself.

When viewing the JANUARY 2008 - WIDE STANCE video and then Mocarsky's website I was glad to observe another photographer who has similar interest and foci as I.

While my ongoing "And Without Apologies", "Out In The Life", and "Dancing The Night Away" series and Winter Party Festival 2007 Beach Party and 2005 Manhunt Pool Party collections attempt to document and celebrate 'gay life' my Movement Choreophotography Project captures folks of any and all sexual orientations, religious affiliations and political persuasion including those at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, in Dupont Circle, at Malcolm X. Park and the Black Family Renion or the Downtown Holiday Market 'dancing in the street'.

When observing Mocarsky in action on the WIDE STANCE video and viewing his work at his website ... I said to myself "George, I know exactly what it is that you are doing because I, too, have the same interests and similar foci.

IN THE LIFE's January episode, Wide Stance, features a diverse collection of stories, from a look at a film that examines biblical language about homosexuality, to a photo essay of men dancing together. We'll hear what it's like to be a gay rapper, take an unflinching and historical look at public sex and entrapment, through the lens of the Senator Larry Craig scandal. Throughout the show, the ever-controversial Margaret Cho, and lesbian comic Kate Clinton, go head-to-head in conversation.

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