Sunday, January 27, 2008

Author / Activist Mark Thompson's Fellow Travelers Exhibition

Touring LGBT community centers around the country, Fellow Travelers: Liberation Portraits by Mark Thompson, en exhibit sponsored by White Crane Institute was at the Gay Center in NYC from late March until early May 2007.

Derived from a 2005 'word and picture' film project by that same name, the photography exhibition is a collection of 14 stunning black & white images of Gay liberation pioneers taken by Mark Thompson, one of the foremost chroniclers of the movement.

After travelling to Philadelphia in October for Gay History Month at the William Way Center, Fellow Travelers was on display at A Cup of Joe in Salt Lake City during the month of December 2007 and, apparently, for a few days in January 2008. Where, in conjunction with the exhibit, several Queer Spirit events were held including Gay Soul Making / Mark Thompson and a weekend mini-retreat featuring Mark Thompson and Shoshone ceremonialist, Clyde Hall, who is one of the subjects in Thompson's exhibit.

With plans currently in development for exhibitions in Portland OR, Modesto CA, Detroit and Chicago donations to the White Crane Institute in support of the traveling exhibition are more than welcomed.

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