Friday, November 16, 2007

Tribute to Leander Barnes - 1995 Million Man March "Rise Up" Video

Between the 20 October and Thanksgiving of each year, since 1995, I have created artistic tributes to my nephew Leander Barnes who was killed in a car accident on 20 October 1995. Just days after the 1995 Million Man March.

In connection with my ongoing documentary project "Thanksgiving Does Not Mean To Me, A Black Man ..." this November 2007 "Rise Up Black Men - 1995 Million Man March - Tribute to Leander Barnes" photo monatage is sampled with the dance mix "I'll Rise" by Christopher Peyton from DJ Julian Marsh's continuous mix compilation Pride 05. Peyton's "I'll Rise" is an adaptation of Maya Angelou's "Still I Rise".

All images are the work of Elvert Xavier Barnes. This production is a "THIS IS FOR THE BLACK MEN" Elvert Xavier Barnes Projections project.


Lavander Barnes said...

Hi Cousin Xavier! This is your cousin LaVander Barnes. I'am Leander's son.I really liked your video and when i saw the picture of my dads casket, it makes me want to cry. This video will support me in life. As a 14 year old,I can rise as a proud black man and capture my dreams. I LOVE YOU COUSIN XAVIER! R.I.P LEANDER THADDUS BARNES.

Mibby said...

It would have been 14 yrs on October 20, 2009 that Leander (my brother) passed. He is dearly missed. Thanks XAvier for the video it is very nice and I love the songs with it. Nice pics.

Berlaunder said...

There are too many words to describe my thoughts and emotions; but none are sufficient enough to fully express the pain and job that are impeded on my mind and in my heart.

Xavier, great job. Kudos to you.