Saturday, October 06, 2007

Victor Mauro & Shane Rogers launches Just Circuit Magazine

Congradulations to Victor Mauro and Shane Rogers of in the launching of the Just Circuit Magazine as its premier issue will be released just in time for November 2007 White Party in Miami.

Here is today's email press release:

JustCircuit, LLC
PO Box 23505
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33307

Dear Friend, #1 source for news, information and everything Circuit related--has made an historical move today. Most companies have gone from brick-and-mortar-based facilities to having a successful web-based division. It is with absolute pleasure that we today announce to you that has taken the next step in the evolution in our reinventing Circuit!

The first issue of JustCircuit.MAG will be delivered during November’s White Party Week in Miami. We are extremely happy to have this product added to the many wonderful and innovative products we already offer. Many of you already know of our radio-based presence. We work with to bring you the wildly popular “Saturday Night Dance Party” each weekend. We also bring the Circuit party to you with JustCircuit LIVE! This web streamed project has allowed people see and hear what they are truly missing by not attending these events. Our LIVE product has definitely become a huge success to promoters everywhere, many realizing an increase of over 20% in attendance from our first involvement in their event. We strengthened our leadership within the Circuit by facilitating the Awards, which helped breathe new life into the Circuit by showcasing the best the Circuit has to offer, including the parties, the music and most importantly of all, the talent involved in improving the party. The Circuit Hall of Fame recognizes the individuals who have brought their outstanding and positive achievements to the Circuit. All of these products, together when added to an already successful website, prove JustCircuit’s commitment to the survival and prosperity of the Circuit. We believe these parties are very much worthwhile, very much alive and well and in a state of re-invention. At JustCircuit, the next twelve months promise to highlight just that! Our aggressive goals seek to expand our reach by projecting our message in every possible way. We will do this via web, video, radio and starting today via print.

Please join us in celebrating the Inaugural issue of JustCircuit.MAG by accepting our invitation for one free full-page ad (for Circuit events) or one half-page ad (for nightclubs) in this November publication. Please find a link to the rate card below with all the information you will need to provide us with your printed collateral. When reading this rate card, please notice that we are offering extremely competitive pricing to you for future issues and we look forward to having you join our family of advertisers. ALL ADVERTISING MUST ARRIVE TO US BY NOON EDT MONDAY, OCTOBER 15. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We are extremely excited and proud to announce JustCircuit.MAG.

JustCircuit.MAG rate Card

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Erin said...

Are gay (lesbian) female ads (massage) ok to post in this mag please? If not, can you perhaps advise where to post such?