Friday, October 12, 2007

MPDC Officer Langenbach (First District) in Full Stride on 4th Street in SW

Today, 12 October 2007, the MPDC launched "Operation Full Stride".

As I walked down 4th Street, SW, from M toward N Street during my 12 October 2007 Friday Photo Walk and in connection with my ongoing Pedestrians and MPDC series I snapped two photos of Officer L. A. Langenbach as he walked toward me. And I toward him.

When I said "I just snapped a couple of photos of you ... I hope that you don't mind." In a very friendly and non-threating manner he said "Not at all". Mentioning that I live in Southwest and almost always have a camera he asked where I lived.

When I replied "River Park" he asked which complex was that. Pointing southeast I said "the tall black and glass high rise around the corner".

Mentioning that there recently had been a mugging, at gun point, inside the gate of the complex Langenbach inquired if I knew the code to access the main desk should he or other officers need to enter the complex.

Saying that I had viewed two flyers in my building pertaining to the mugging I said that I was not too sure what the access code is. And, in fact, that very issue had been of concern to my brother who, a few months ago, as a former Baltimore policeman got furious when he could not locate that information at the gate's entrance. In the event of an emergency or in life and death situations, my brother explained, police and fire department access may would be hampered. And when I later checked the box at the gates I, too, could not locate the code to access the front desk.

By this time, we had reached N at 4th Street, SW. Veering left and pointing toward the black and glass high rise I said "I'm heading over there".

Bading each other farewell, Officer Langenbach continued on his beat ... in full stride!

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