Monday, October 15, 2007

Lida Churchville & Nancy Masterson 'paint the town'

Having embarked on an ongoing Call Box Project it was on Thursday, 4 October 2007 that I first observed that the call box in front of Waterfront Mall located at 4th and M Streets, SW, was in the process of being repainted.

And when I passed by one day later I noticed that the red door from the day before had been painted.

Returning from my 14 October 2007 Sunday Photo Walk I 'caught and captured' the culprits as Lida Churchville and Nancy Masterson 'paint the town' ... so to speak.

For the past few weeks, and connection with the Cultural Tourism DC's Call Box Project, Churhville, Masterson and other of the Call Box Group from the SW Washington DC Community have been going around SW WDC painting call boxes listed on the SW WDC Call Box Inventory.

In fact, it was during a walk down 7th Street, SW, after my Saturday, 13 October 2007 Solar Decathlon photo project that I had also observed that the fire and call boxes located on 7th between H and I Streets, SW, were in the process of being repainted as well. According to the SW Call Box Inventory this particular set, identified as Town Square Towers Police Box 13-419 and Town Square Towers Fire Box 14-420, is in fair condition.

The call box at 4th and M Streets, SW, in front of the Waterfront Mall is identified as Call Box #49 in the SW WDC Call Box Inventory.

If you wish to contribute to, participate in or volunteer for the SW WDC Call Box Group which is part of the Cultural Tourism DC - Art on Call / Call Box Project email Lida Churhville at or Nancy Masterson at

Click the above photo to view my ongoing Call Box - Waterfront Mall - SW - WDC photo set and Call Boxes - WDC photo collection.

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