Thursday, August 16, 2007

Stoney's Bar & Grill on P Street in Logan Circle area

I haved photographed the windows of the P Street Bistro Cafe, in connection with my ongoing Windows of Logan Circle project since June 2005 focusing, first, on the table settings while in recent months shifting more to the customers who sat on stools or stood in front of the the windows ... I did not realize until putting together my FLANEURISM: Friday Photo Walk - WDC - 13 July 2007 photo montage projections project the sign "Stoney's" that appears above the bay window and entrance.

So, during my brisk Wednesday photo walk along the Logan Circle P Street stretchI stopped in at Stoney's to inquire as to when the establishment had changed its name. Which is what I also had done, a few months or weeks before, in the cases of Jack's Restaurant and Bar and the 17th Street Cafe. Which before had been known as Le Pigalle and Cyber Stop Cafe, respectively.

Since, the fact that I was a black male ... standing in the door ... aroused unneeded suspicion I explained further to the young man and, perhaps, maitre d' that as part of my ongoing Windows of the World project I had often photographed the windows of this establishment and having observed, recently, that it is no longer the P Street Bistro Cafe I asked when had it changed to Stoney's.

He said November of last year.

Since as a documentary photographer these kind of details are important to record ... and as I have done with Jack's Restaurant which changed ownership in January 2007 and the 17th Street Cafe which changed in June 2007 ... I will go through my photographic archives and make sure that any images that were taken of the 1433 P Street location after November 2006 will be annotated as "Stoney's Bar & Grill". As opposed to "P Street Bistro Cafe".

Details. Details.

Washington Post article "At Stoney's, Everything Old Is New Again", dated Friday, 19 January 2007 by Staff Writer Ellen McCarthy sheds light on Stoney's history. And, perhaps, future.

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