Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Rosie. "Chirp, Chirp!"

Just before and then after shaving, this morning, I took a series of Happy Birthday, Rosie, photos in the bathroom of my apartment. Like Rosie, spring is my favorite time of year. Yester morning, on the eve of spring, I telephoned friends and family members and when they answered the phone I began by saying "Chirp, chirp. Chirp, chirp!". Which is how I also greeted folks in the building's laundry room yesterday.

"Chirp, chirp ... spring has finally sprung!".

March 21 is not just the first full day of spring, it's also Rosie's forty-fifth birthday.

To celebrate, Rosie's Blog Team is taking 45% off the entire r blog line in Rosie's Shop.

Pick up a go blog yourself tee , a cyber addict cap, or even Rosie's Art Buff.

To see all r blog products, visit Rosie's Shop. 100% of profits go to help kids.

Also, when Rosie was asked what she wanted for her birthday, she said "PLEASE NO PRESENTS, JUST DONATE TO MY CHARITIES!!" So we're passing the message along.

Rosie's For All Kids Foundation helps young, at-risk, under-served kids and their families get out of poverty, and funds early child care and education across the country.To make a donation, visit

You can also check out Rosie's Broadway Kids, which provides free musical theatre programs to the neediest New York City Public School children, bringing the best of Broadway to their neighborhood schools.To support RBKids, visit

I, myself, just ordered a Blog Hog tee-shirt.

Happy Birthday, Rosie. "Chirp! Chirp!"

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