Monday, January 08, 2007

WMATA 2007

Since the first snow of December 2005 and not unlike my recent Rush Hour project seldom, in the course of my travels, have not photographed my journey along the subway. As was the case when on Thursday evening, 4 January that I'd rush to the Washington Post Building's Auditorium at 1150 15th Street in Northwest for the first Blogger Summit. Only to realize, once I got there, that I was a day early.

On the way to the Washington Post several delays were experienced along the blue line, from L'enfant Plaza to McPherson Square. For example, the train was on hold for more than 10 minutes at the Smithsonian Station before preceeding to Federal Triangle. And once at Federal Triangle and Metro Center the same train waited longer than usual. Perhaps 5 minutes at each.

On my return trip home I would take a series of photos, including the above. Which when clicked links to my WMATA 2007 project. Previous projects include WMATA 2006 and WMATA.

In DCist's Transit on Thursday/Friday: Remainder's Edition it was stated that "the pickin's of new Metro-related photos in the DCist Flickr pool were pretty slim (hint, hint)."

Well, that may be true, but in recent months the photos that I tag as DCist which often includes WMATA photos never seem to appear in DCist Flickr Pool.

Hint. Hint!

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