Sunday, January 14, 2007

MAL 2007 "Out in the Streets"

While I am definately an extrovert, in recent years, ... and as a result of my life experiences, as a black male, ... I now tend to keep my distance ... from the crowds. Which may shed light on why, and not unlike Exhibitionism-Voyeurism, that my focus during the 2007 MAL was "Out in the Streets".

Click photo to view MAL 2007 Out in the Streets and 2007 MLK Day WDC photoset.

Having just purchased tickets moments before at the Washington Plaza Hotel when passing this hunk on the street I'd inquire if he would be at the Reaction Dance later that night. When he said yes my response was 'I'll see ya there!'

However, when nearing the 9:30 Club a few hours later that I'd reflect on my experiences at the Steele Club in Fort Lauderdale in November and at the Saint Black Party in March ... I decided to NOT attend the 2007 MAL Sunday night dance party.

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Stephen Bess said...

Nice photos! You have quite an eye for photography. I am starting out with photography with my little camera. It's been interesting. Check out my flickr account and tell me what you think: