Saturday, September 23, 2006


Andrea Carter, the woman behind Uppity Negro will speak at Busboys and Poets this Monday, 25 September, from 6 until 8 pm. She will talk about what she has learned from her experiences doing Uppity Negro for 3 years, how unbelievable her life is, and will share her new resolve to embark on a formal campaign of confrontation with the demographic of the Black Baby-Boomer power-base, whom she sees as bullies that influence by hindering, intimidating, annihilating, and cold-shouldering all other generational demographics in the Black Community against the mobilization and execution of progressive action and thought.

Andrea Carter is very frank, fearless, and intimate. She wants to get a lot off her chest in saying what most Blacks are afraid to say and is too afraid to go up against in saying about Black people in a 2-hour speaking engagement with a Question and Answer session in exchange. She has learned more than she ever anticipated and will share the harsh realities of having to balance the struggle with quitting and not quitting for 3 years. She will share with the audience simple solutions that are doable that she conceived for Black Empowerment.

Initially when she created Uppity Negro, she thought the Black Community would appreciate Black Pride reinvigorated and “get it” in what Uppity Negro was and what a social experiment was. What she found out however was that people, each person that encountered, met, never met, or simply heard about Uppity Negro, never realized that all of his or her actions or inactions were noticed in the social experiment. Andrea will cover what she found out was that more than less she was not wanted by the Black Power Structure headed by Black Baby-Boomers and their cronies, younger people and offspring trying to emulate them and defend their stances to continue to play ineffective strategies.

She knows that her voice is rare and her vision is of value as she is a representative member of the obsolete and unimpressive demographic of stunted adults better known as the X Generation, who have been trained by different factions of Black sub-culture to revere, respect, and never refute the elders. She has had 3 years to formally identify this stigma that haunts the 2 younger generations in the Black Community to not effectively announce their voice (and worse, test to find their voice), as they grow tip-toeing into middle-age and waiting for the elders to usher them and approve of their angst. Worse she recognizes so many younger people have so many displaced emotions that they have no idea they should be angry. Because of these dysfunctions, she will share with the audience why she changed the main focus away from vocalizing between Whites and Blacks to an advocacy campaign to harass and expose Black Lethargy, which has been the most taxing and testing moral and social personal inquisition she continues to face.

She knows that she is misunderstand and so is Uppity Negro. Monday, she will share with the audience why that is and why it was purposeful in making a point in the social experiment, Uppity Negro, in gathering research and testing the general populace without a mainstream corporate media campaign that would tamper the outcomes rendered as a bandwagon corporatized, media gimmick instead of what it was created as and struggles to be in an authentic social movement.

Go to and click on FORUM to look over a compiled list of various topics she can and/or will run through in the allotted time. This will be the most extensive expose rendered for others to draw an unbiased picture outside of the website of all dimensions of the social experiment known as Uppity Negro, and the multiple layers of the Black Community and her commitment to authenticity.

Andrea Carter feels confident everyone, no matter race, will leave looking at the “Negro Problem” differently than when they arrived and so may she have a bounty on her head. Items will be available from the website. All races are invited to attend.

RSVP for entry at Seating is limited. Busboys and Poets is located at 2021 14th Street, NW in Washington, DC. Time is from 6-8 pm.

For additional information, contact: Uppity Negro™ is a social experiment created in Washington, DC in 2003.

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