Thursday, August 17, 2006

Joan Mickelson's "A Guide to Historic Hollywood FL"

When in the Fort Lauderdale area last November I spent a great deal of time photographing several historic districts of South Florida including Wilton Manors, Lauderdale By The Sea, Del Ray Beach, South Beach, Deerfield Beach, and Hollywood Florida. And while I enjoyed and appreciated the characteristics of each of the different areas the Hollywood Historic District and Hollywood Beach impressed me so much that I would comment to my close friend, Richard, that if I were to relocate to the Fort Lauderdale area that I would definately consider living in Hollywood FL.

I first heard of Hollywood Florida when in Fort Lauderdale for the March 2005 Winter Party which took place in South Beach Miami during which time I would meet Harold Flagg, a tourist consultant and author, based in the Fort Lauderdale area. Since then he has sometimes referred information to me pertaining to Hollywood FL.

So when I visited Fort Lauderdale in November 2005 Richard and I would visit the downtown historic district of Hollywood FL and then Hollywood Beach. Of all the beaches that I have visited, over the years, Hollywood Beach is one of two beaches where I would ever consider living. The other, Fire Island, would be during the summer months, lasting from May through September. Hollywood Beach, however, I would consider living ... all year round.

"R U still enamored of Hollywood?" was the subject of an email from Harold Flagg last night. The body of which referred me to the website of Joan Mickelson, PD.

Divided into two parts, A Guide to Historic Hollywood, by local historian Joan Mickelson—the daughter of a city founder—provides a history of Hollywood’s formative years as well as a guide through the historic streets of this beautiful Florida city. From the roaring twenties to the post-war fifties, Mickelson highlights the buildings, people and events vital to the history of this now thriving coastal landmark.

Still enamored with Hollywood, should I revisit Fort Lauderdale, in the fall of this year or anytime in the future, my hope is to revisit several of the areas that I've visited in the past, including Hollywood FL. Which is at the top of the list. Perhaps, while there, I'll connect with Joan Mickelson.

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